--- Ghosts of War ---

Have you ever seen the stars through the cloth covering your face. Have you ever heard the trumpets resound through the ground. Has nothing changed in the world today, has nothing changed at all. All that we fought for, is it still the same shadow?. All our deaths are becoming vain, all that hate, it´s still the same
The same...
Where´s the change?
Where´s the peace?
Where´s the change?
Where is all that we fought for?
Brother, I know you are weary
I know you have questions
I know you´ve bled, I´ve bled too
Did we both bleed for the ghosts of war
What was all that blood for
I see them marching, long lines of women and men
Young girls, young boys, all stained with blood
They are rising into the sky, they are coming home
Their tired hearts are filled with hope
But the question still linger in their faces
What was all that blood for?
Can there not be peace, can there not be freedom
Must there be hate? Must there be fear?
Can we not go side by side into the future?
Can we not live side by side at all?
Or will this world break?
It´s a song coming from below,
a solemn ghost within the crowd,
singing his tears at the world
A song of grief, a song of joy
A song of love, of madness,
a song of unbearable loss
His notes reaches down from the heavens, touches every heart on that wicked earth. And for one moment everything is quiet, for one moment everyone nds their peace
A few simple words tells a story everyone can believe
Can you hear me... can your hear me...
can you hear me... Through the night
Come follow me, come sing with me
We can deafeat the night
Raise your voices, raise ém all up high
Scream into the night
Can you hear me... can you hear me...
can you hear me... Through the night

--- Warrior Child ---

Can you see the warrior child?
Hiding in the grass with a gun in his hand
He´s about to take his first, his first breath of life
I have no tears, he screams to himself
I have no fear, he tries to open his eyes
But he sees his mother´s smile, he hears his sister´s laugh. He hears his father´s words: “pray that you will last”. “Make your heart your own, keep your mind strong
Keep your brother safe, and remember your name”
He is alone this night
He is fading fast
There is murder to be done
He aims his gun
Every leaf, every tree, filled with eyes of malice
Every shadow holding every fear that you can imagine
He walks sentry with his best friend treading softly through the grass. They are kings of this jungle, they´re immortal, they are brave. He feels the weight of the rifle at his side, he feels the weight of his pride
Yesterday they both became men, yesterday they drew blood
And today they search for another mark, another mark to tattoo on their arms
But then he sees the glare
A sight hidden on the hill
He knows that they´ve been found
He aims his gun
I leave this world now
Oh brother, I´m not coming back
I leave this world now
The world seem so black
I leave this world now
Won´t you take my hand
I leave this world now
No more war will ever taint my soul
Have you ever seen a war?
Have you ever seen a war-torn soul?
As he makes his way across the sea
To the freedom from his loss, to a life we all want
But a paper from afar tears his world apart
To be sent back into the fray, never to escape
As the panic grows, rather bring his fears to an end
To end his life on the steps of indifference
Where no one understands

--- Nothing More ---

Walking home from work one day I felt another air
Something different, something wrong
On the news today, a bomb, ten people dead
Didn´t know I cared, it was so far
Was it the gasoline from those brown army trucks
Or those giant ships in the harbor
Or maybe the constant scares that the radio belches out
One more gas attack downtown
Will I ever see the girl I passed in the street
Her almond-eyes so clear, so deep
Will we see the birth of our children´s laughter
Will we wake up to our future mistakes
Will this world ever matter as the blood is spilled in the sand. Will we hear the past scream in our face
Will we breathe again
I turned my gaze to the clouded sky
Roaring thunder above
All day long your hear the re of the ghters engines
All around you see families in full packed cars
Food in cans, gasmasks and water
Sometimes it seems that all that’s left is the alcohols forgetful embrace. Just to forget this day
I walk through the ruins
I sense the smell of hate
The smoking piles of our homes
Which once held so much love
The burning carcass of a car
The moaning of a dog
Beneath the charcoal trees
The dried up elds
The famine in the streets
The holy greed
The path we took
The path of fools
Now we reap what we´ve sown
Now we nally feel old
We´ve learned the lessons well
What lies ahead none can tell
What the break of dawn will bring
Even more hate and we´ll sing
We sing our hearts to it as before
Then we wake up and there is nothing more

--- Silver Bird ---

Far away, ´cross sands and sea
A family crowded by the radio
Fathers silenced the crying children
Mothers held their babies ever so tightly
On this cool evening they heard them fall
In a daze he woke up after a late night
On the screen the news seemed so far away
He cracked a joke he did not know
Then he read all the lines
Eyes wide he felt the agony grow
As he saw them fall
How could a liftride be that long
How could a house be that high
All those adults with their bitter faces
In their bitter clothes
Finally the doors swung open to the longest of corridors
Running and playing she heard her mother´s warnings
A tongue for her mother a tongue for the boy smiling her down. She laughed in his face and they played and found a room with an awesome view. Tag was the game and it was fun ´til her mother took her shoulder. She struggled twisted and turned, then her eyes fell through the window
There was a gleaming sparkling silver bird
Her mother screamed and dragged her away
She hurt her arm but she pushed on
Through empty halls soon lled with chaos
And then the bang, and then the rumble
Then the heat
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